Tecvac Ltd provides new surface engineering solutions for metal-on-metal interactions in hip and knee implants and prostheses. This includes a new family of advanced ultra-low friction DLC coatings that ensure high biocompatibility, extreme stability and extended periods of free movement. Other Tecvac biomedical coatings include titanium nitride hard coatings, which have a successful extended clinical history of use by the orthopaedic community.

Tecvac's Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating offers very high levels of lubricity and has been specified by European consultants in orthopaedics.   DLC coatings from Tecvac can be applied to advanced steels, titanium and other alloys for biomedical applications.  Surfaces can have ultra-low friction coefficients in the region of 0.1, while providing surface hardnesses of up to 3000HV, which offers patients extended lifetimes and free movement for hip and knee replacements.

Tecvac's InnerArmorTM process coats internal surfaces of pipes, pumps and interior bores with DLC up to 50 microns. This process, applied at temperatures below 200°C, provides a corrosion-resistant, very hard film, up to 50 microns thick. Coatings are inert, biocompatible, and environmentally friendly, and reduce friction losses to very low levels on pipes, pumps and biological fluid control devices, to provide high levels of protection from erosion, scaling and fouling, and prevent adhesion by powders, particulates and slurries.

Tecvac's carbon coating facility at Cambridge allows a wide choice of metals, and organic compounds to be applied to metal, ceramic and polymeric substrates.  These services and technologies support medical equipment and clinical applications in orthopaedics, cardiology and other medical sectors including knee, hip and other implants.

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Reduced wear & infection
A new coating developed by Tecvac including silver and chromium nitride has the potential to reduce both wear and joint infection in total hip replacement therapy.
See poster from Queen Mary College, University of London
Project BERTI; (Biomedical implant with Exceptional Resistance to Tribo-bio-corrosion and with Inherent antimicrobial properties) is expected to lead to new designs of  knee and hip implants and  substantially reduce the number of costly revision surgeries for hip and knee replacement patients. Partners in the project include Corin Plc, Tecvac Ltd, Imperial College, University of London, Charing Cross Hospitals, Queen Mary College, University of London and the University of Sheffield.
SMART-HIP, a research project led by Cambridge coating specialist Tecvac Ltd and leading UK hip prosthesis manufacturer, Corin Ltd, has demonstrated the potential of new enhanced wear resistant coatings to increase implant longevity in Metal-on-Metal (MoM) hip prostheses and future potential applications to trunnions and tapers to prevent fretting and corrosion.

New PVD silver bearing coatings were developed which may protect against post-operative infection, and also provide a barrier to minimise metal ion release. Optimised coatings reduced the release of one important metal ion (Cobalt), implicated in chronic tissue inflammation, by 99%.


£500,000 EPSRC project at the University of Sheffield

Tecvac Ltd has designed and built a unique, world class surface engineering research machine for The University of Sheffield as part of a £500,000 EPSRC project.


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