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CORIN PLC; LEAD PARTNER Corin is a world leader in the development and pioneering of innovative orthopaedic devices, and has been associated with some of the most important developments in orthopaedic implant technology in the last 20 years; the company has a reputation for innovative technology aimed at restoring quality of life to the younger, active patient. Corin, with almost 300 employees, designs, manufactures and distributes worldwide as a truly global enterprise. Corin's research and development activities involve collaborative projects with companies, universities and research institutes worldwide. Dr David Simpson, Research Manager at Corin, the BERTI Project Leader, has published over 100 articles at international conferences and in journals and is responsible for all research activities within Corin. Dr Simpson is an expert in bio-tribology, computational mechanics and orthopaedic implant fixation, with considerable experience with the project management of collaborative, industrial and academic programmes.
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is a leader in the Advanced Surface Engineering (ASE) Industry, supplying ultra-hard, wear resistant coatings and other ASE treatments, and exports equipment and services to over 20 countries worldwide. Part of the Wallwork Heat Treatment Group, Tecvac designs and builds coating equipment and provides advanced hard coating services including novel nano-composite coatings combining exceptional wear and corrosion resistance and inherent antimicrobial properties. Dr Jonathan Housden, Head of R&D at Tecvac Ltd, has many years experience of successfully managing and leading UK and EC funded collaborative projects including Brite Euram, CRAFT, Innovation, Info2000, LINK, RAIS award, EUREKA and GROWTH. The EUREKA "DUBIOP" project conceived by Dr Housden was selected as a "Best Practice Project" by the EC "USEandDIFFUSE" review.
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IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON & CHARING CROSS HOSPITAL, LONDON.  The team has extensive surgical experience in hip and knee replacement surgery, including hip revision surgery, musculo-skeletal inflammation research and related research topics, and includes Alister Hart, senior lecturer and NHS consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Ewa Paleolog, reader in cytokine biology, and Dr Hugo Donaldson, microbiologist, as an adviser to the project.
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QUEEN MARY, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON Professor Julia  Shelton, PhD, School of Engineering and Materials Science and her team, are currently developing a novel approach for accelerating wear processes, focusing on metal-on-metal bearing surfaces, supporting areas of research focusing on the development and evaluation of surface coatings, controlling and characterising ion release from the bearing surfaces, understanding the role of proteins on the joint and particle surfaces as well as evaluating  the influence of the geometrical parameters of the bearing designs.
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THE UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD (USFD) has strengths in Materials Engineering and Coatings Tribology and Professor Allan Mathews and Dr Adrian Leyland are well placed to deliver the scientific PVD coating development objectives of the project. Professor Matthews, Head of Department, Professor of Surface Engineering and Director of the Research Centre in Surface Engineering, in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) at USFD, who pioneered work on the development of reactive ion plating and other enhanced-plasma PVD processes, will be working with Dr Leyland, Senior Lecturer in Surface Technology in the Department of MSE at USFD, who has developed new approaches to PVD-based duplex and hybrid surface modification techniques.
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