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Carbon based coatings
Tecvac's medical coatings use 'biologically inert' ultra hard materials,  such as titanium nitride, and other  bio-compatibles and anti-microbials  such as pure gold, silver and  copper,  to coat implants, medical instruments, probes and accessories. These coatings reduce  friction and wear, extend device lifetimes and achieve  high levels of biocompatibility with excellent anti-microbial properties.

PVD coatings &  thin films, for orthopaedics and cardiology
Tecvac's Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) processes allow metals and organic compounds, to be applied to metal, ceramic and polymeric substrates. Molecular  scale changes can be made to plastics and other materials using low temperature plasma techniques. These services and technologies support medical applications in orthopaedics, cardiology and other medical sectors including knee, hip, other orthopaedic and cardiac implants and  medical equipment.

Plasma modification  of plastics
Tecvac has recently developed a set of new, low temperature plasma processing technologies that allow plastic surfaces to be sterilised, coated or modified to the highest clinical standards to ensure biocompatible solutions. 

Analytical and metallurgical services
Tecvac offers a full range of metallurgical and analytical services, supported by the latest heat treatment techniques with controlled environments and advanced cleaning systems to ensure that any implants, probes or core materials used for components or instruments can be coated to the best performance standards. 

Substantial clinical history
Tecvac's coating skills have been applied to stents, catheters, laryngeal implants, surgical instruments, pumps, valves and other body  fluid management devices, optical  & dental devices. These coatings improve performance, aid surgeons  and reduce trauma in operations and contribute to better patient outcomes by extending implant life and minimising infection rates.  Tecvac's  flexible, low friction titanium nitride coatings replicate the smoothest mirror finish and  have been specified in knee, hip  and other  articulation surfaces within orthopaedic applications for very long periods, with complete clinical histories.

Media information about Tecvac
Tecvac Limited provides high lubricity, high hardness, biocompatible  coatings for  use in orthopaedic, cardiac and  other surgical applications. Tecvac's   titanium nitride coating has a substantial clinical record.

Tecvac also supplies leading aerospace and automotive businesses with high integrity coatings, designed to perform at extremes of temperature and load.

Tecvac was founded in 1980 and  has pioneered many advances in thin film technology, ion implantantion and physical vapour deposition, and currently supplies leading research institutions with advanced PVD machines. Tecvac is part of the Wallwork Group with service centres in  Bury, Birmingham and Cambridge.

PVD coatings
Plasma modification
Carbon based coatings
Vacuum systems
Dry film

Medical applications
Reduced wear & infection
new coating developed by Tecvac including silver and chromium nitride has the potential to reduce both wear and joint infection in total hip replacement therapy.
See poster from Queen Mary College, University of London
Project BERTI; (Biomedical implant with Exceptional Resistance to Tribo-bio-corrosion and with Inherent antimicrobial properties) is expected to lead to new designs of  knee and hip implants and  substantially reduce the number of costly revision surgeries for hip and knee replacement patients. Partners in the project include Corin Plc, Tecvac Ltd, Imperial College, University of London, Charing Cross Hospitals, Queen Mary College, University of London and the University of Sheffield.   More>>>
SMART HIP project Tecvac was a partner in the SMART-HIP project with Corin Plc which has been funded by the TSB {UK Technology Strategy Board}. "We were all very pleased the SMART-HIP was not only completed on time, but also on budget and with a very positive biomedical research outcome including the development of methods to successfully monitor the evolution of  ion release." Dr. Jonathan Housden, Head of Research and Development, Tecvac Ltd.   More>>>

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